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Congratulations & Success to the Aquaculture Science Study Program – DOCTOR & MAGISTER for the accreditation achieved with an “A” grade from BAN-PT

Based on the decree No. : 3662/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/D/X/2019 & No. : 2235/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VII/2019



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Department of Aquaculture

Study at Department of Aquaculture,  IPB

Indonesia with rank no. 4 as the world’s largest aquaculture producer, currently still has a huge potential land and sea need to be utilized. This makes aquaculture the right choice for future business and career development. We focus on education, research, and development of aquaculture. Our curriculum is oriented towards the development of sustainable aquaculture, strategy of security, food safety, and food sovereignty for fishery products. We equip our students with the ability to think critically, sensitively with social and environmental issues, and of course, with the technical and management skills needed to succeed in the aquaculture business. Join us, the largest and oldest agricultural education institution in Indonesia, join us in the Department of Aquaculture (BDP), IPB !


Technology and Management of Aquaculture (TMA) is undergraduate study program which is managed by Department of Aquaculture, IPB. TMA has been accredited as excellent (A) by BAN-PT (nationally) and accredited by AUN-QA (internationally). With a study load of 144 credits that must be taken within 4 years, TMA students are equipped with all the necessary skills to take part in the aquaculture business, whether as entrepreneurs or steps on career in private companies and in government.


The  Aquaculture Science (AKU) is the postgraduate study program both master and doctoral level that managed by the Department of Aquaculture, IPB. The programs are the only post-graduate education in Indonesia that focuses on aquaculture science, and has been accreditted as excellent (A)  from BAN-PT (nationally) for both master and doctoral programs. The curriculum is designed to give students the ability to produce novelty in products or concepts of aquaculture, and also to produce superior innovations. The alumni has spreaded and worked throughout Indonesia and abroad, both as a researcher in government and private institutions, educators, and occupying important positions in central and local government agencies.

Why Join Us?

We have excellence and superiority in education, research and development of tropical aquaculture, such as:

  • World class university
  • The most innovative campus in Indonesia
  • Entrepreneurial University
  • Competent educational staffs, coming from a various of national and internationally renowned universities
  • A conducive academic atmosphere. IPB ranks as the third of best universities in Indonesia (DIKTI version 2017)
  • Strong networking with other institutions, such as national and international government and private institutions
  • Trendsetter in aquaculture research in Indonesia
  • Accredited as excellent (A) by BAN-PT, and also accredited internationally by Asean University Network (AUN) QA
  • Students are diverse, coming from different regions of the country. Feel the diversity of Indonesia with us.
  • Comfortable facilities, and occupies the No. 36 ranks as the world’s greenest rural campus (UI Green metric, 2015)




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